Black Friday 2022: How to be prepared

Every year digital businesses are out in the race to prepare for sales, get some tips, and most importantly: which payment methods to offer, and which providers to use.

Since 2010, when Black Friday was inserted into the Brazilian calendar, the month of November has been highly anticipated by companies and consumers. In this period, businesses can earn more by offering attractive discounts to their customers.

With the popularization of the date, the buying trend during this period grows with each new edition. To have an idea, in 2021 the first 24 hours of Black Friday yield total revenue of R$5,419 billion, according to a survey by Neotrust.

But, for your company to achieve good results during Black Friday 2022, it is important to know how to prepare to take advantage of this date. Thus, when reading this article, you will be able to identify:

  • 3 Trends of Black Friday 2022

  • How to prepare your store for the Black Friday 2022

  • How Plug integrates your store with multiple payment methods

3 Trends of Black Friday 2022

In order to prepare your business well, it´s essential to know the trends of Black Friday this year. By doing this, you will know what your customers expect from your business and how to implement these changes.

Next, we separated three practices that were successful during Black Friday 2021 and which have a strong tendency to return in this year´s edition.

1. Shipping as a decisive factor

During Black Friday we already know that the consumer´s intention is to purchase the desired product at the lowest possible price.

According to a report made by the advertisement company UOL, the shipping price is one of the main factors that clients use when they decide to finalize a purchase. The shipping alone can make your customer lose interest and choose to purchase the items with a company that offers better shipping conditions.

2. Alternative means of payment

Besides shipping, offering options that facilitate the payment also influence the conclusion of an order. According to data from Carat Insights about Black Friday 2021, most people considered alternative means of payment to finalize their purchases.

Options like PIX, QR code reading, proximity payment, and payment by a link are among the payment options that the customers are considering using in their purchases in 2022.

3. Live commerce

Marketing is the most prioritized area during Black Friday, and during the pandemic, the way that companies publicized their sales needed to focus more on digital formats.

In this scenario, the strategy of live commerce emerged, where in a live broadcast, companies promoted sales by demonstrating their products and offering discounts in real-time.

Having a person promoting sales helps to make the brand more humanized, contributing to greater interest and engagement of the customers, and, of course, closing more sales quickly.

How to prepare your business for Black Friday 2022

To achieve sales success during this date, it is important to start planning it in advance. Usually, the promotions are already planned in the month of October, in order to allow time to validate the ideas and send the guidelines to the design and customer service teams.

But Black Friday it´s not only about marketing. It´s also necessary to prepare your company internally to support the larger volume of sales that this period brings. After all, it´s no use having great sales if your customers can´t finalize their orders.

Thinking about that, we’ve listed some practices for you to use in preparing your business for Black Friday 2022.

Prepare your stock

Your stock must be ready to cover the sales made during this period. And for that, it is necessary to consider the number of items that you need to have at this moment. Here, it is important to know which products will have a higher chance of being sold during this period to already place the order with the supplier.

It´s important not to leave it to the last minute, because many times during Black Friday, your suppliers can take a long time to send the necessary products, or they can work with higher prices.

To list the items that will have a higher output, you can consult a market research company that indicates what are the customers´ buying trends or perform an analysis of the last purchases to get a more accurate result.

Optimize your checkout

One of the reasons that can make your customers give up on an online purchase is when they need to go through several stages to complete them. Remember that the main reason that makes your client buy online is convenience.

So, when planning for Black Friday 2022, it´s interesting to think of ways to optimize your checkout. Review the information asked of customers and see what steps can be removed from the process.

In addition, it is interesting to implement transparent checkout in your online store. In this type of checkout, your customer is not redirected to another website to finalize the payment. Here, they remain on the store's website throughout the completion of the order. This helps to make your customer more comfortable and confident when finalizing the purchase.

Expand your payment methods

This tip it is necessary that not only during Black Friday but especially during this period, the payment methods you offer are diversified, so that you can reach a larger number of customers.

Every consumer has his own preference regarding how to pay for his order. Some prefer to pay with a credit card, others with PIX and there are those who prefer to pay per link.

As Black Friday makes the traffic in your store higher, it is important to be able to offer your customer the payment method he uses the most, thus avoiding cart abandonment at checkout.

Improve your logistics

For online sellers, taking care of order deliveries is a critical part of your job, especially during Black Friday. With a higher volume of sales, you need to make sure that your logistics department can handle the new orders.

When optimizing your logistics, it´s important to do this in a way that does not generate more expenses so that your company can offer attractive delivery options while ensuring that the business can make a profit.

Implement automatic retry payments

Many times, when finalizing the purchase, your customer may face problems getting his payment approved if the payment method system used has connection errors.

To avoid this taking too much time and making your consumer give up, it is interesting to work with a Black Friday payment stack that allows automatic payment retries to be made.

From this feature, the system will automatically try to resume contact with the payment system. Here at Plug, we offer a routing service, where it is possible to retry several payment providers.

Train your sales team

Latest but not least, it is not only the volume of sales that increases during Black Friday. The date can also bring many customers with questions about products, sales promotions, and purchasing processes. At this time, having a good customer service team can make all the difference.

Customers like to be well-served and are likely to return to buy from stores where we're able to help them with a problem. To do this in your business, it is important to maintain a well-trained staff during Black Friday 2022.

Your staff needs to know about active promotions, what are the rules, what products are sold, and how to communicate with your customer. With these points in mind, it is possible for them to deliver a quality service.

Plug integrates your shop with multiple payment methods

We all know that the process of offering various means of payment can be difficult. Having to integrate your systems with several technologies can be a very slow process.

To avoid this and bring more agility in payment diversifications, you can rely on our solution! With Plug, you integrate once into the system and already have access to various payment methods quickly and conveniently.

Do you want to know how this can work for your business? Contact us and schedule a free demonstration with our experts.